Seminari DiSES del giovedì, A.A. 2019-2020

Data Relatore Istituzione Titolo
26/09/2019 Federico Favaretto Boston College Long term causes of populism
03/10/2019 Anna D'Ambrosio Politecnico di Torino The pro-export effect of sub-national migration networks: New evidence from Spanish provinces
10/10/2019 R. Bellofiore e F. Garibaldo Università degli Studi di Bergamo e Fondazione Sabattini Why exiting the euro is the answer to the wrong question. Macrofinance, production, and the crisis.
07/11/2019 Carlo Monticelli Banca di sviluppo del Consiglio d'Europa Reforming Global Economic Governance
12/12/2019 Massimiliano Bratti Università degli Studi di Milano The health benefits of education: Evidence from higher education expansion
19/12/2019 Jacopo Canello University of Groningen When your neighbour moves abroad: do local spillovers affect offshore outsourcing and backshoring decisions among SMEs?
23/01/2020 Ugo Fratesi Politecnico di Milano One policy different effects: Estimating the region-specific effects of EU cohesion policy
30/01/2020 Maria Rosaria Carillo Università degli Studi di Napoli Parthenope Cultural shocks and immigrants’ identity. Evidence from the San Gennaro's Massacre
13/02/2020 Julian Reiss Johannes Kepler University, Linz The Perennial Methodenstreit: Evidence, First Principles, and the Ricardian Vice
18/02/2020 Nicola Lacetera University of Toronto Choice Architecture and Gender Differences in Propensity to Compete and Productivity: An Experimental Study
20/02/2020 Annalisa Vinella Università di Bari

Under/over-investment and early renegotiation in public-private partnerships

30/04/2020 Anna Maria Mayda Georgetown University Innovation and Immigration: Evidence from France
14/05/2020 Nicolò Tamberi University of Sussex Export-platform FDI and Brexit Uncertainty
28/05/2020 Giovanni Gallo Istituto Nazionale per l’Analisi delle Politiche Pubbliche (INAPP) Drawing policy suggestions to fight Covid-19 from hardly reliable data. A machine-learning contribution on lockdowns analysis
09/06/2020 Francesco Agostinelli University of Pennsylvania It Takes a Village: The Economics of Parenting with Neighborhood and Peer Effects
11/06/2020 Gianluca Santoni CEPII Immigration and Export Performance
18/06/2020 Alessia Lo Turco UnivPM Who is afraid of robots?