Seminari DiSES del giovedì, A.A. 2020-2021

Data   Relatore Istituzione Titolo
29/10/2020   Gianni De Robertis KPMG Italia Taxation of multinational companies: Beyond the surface
05/11/2020   Eric Abokyi UnivPM, DiSES Remittances and financial inclusion inequality in developing countries
12/11/2020   Armanda Kaloshi UnivPM, DiSES Oil price shocks and the macroeconomy
19/11/2020   Tamar Taralashvili UnivPM, DiSES Soft conflicts trade and factor movements
03/12/2020   Francesca Berti UnivPM, DiSES Technological change and digital transformation. Corporate behaviour in innovation ecosystems
10/12/2020   Mergersa E. Lemecha UnivPM, DiSES Essays in Development Economics
04/03/2021 Kirill Muradov Centre for Information and Analysis of Foreign Trade, Moscow Creation and diversion of income and jobs: the case of Korea - U.S. Free Trade Agreement
11/03/2021 Anna Kochanova Cardiff University Does democratization promote competition: evidence from Indonesia
29/04/2021 Maite Alguacil Universidad Jaume I, Castellòn de la Plana What is so special about robots and trade?
06/05/2021 Mazlum Karataş UnivPM, DiSES Cultural Aspects of International Trade
25/05/2021 Hassan Alhassan UnivPM, DiSES Information and Communication Technology Solutions for Informal Caregivers
27/05/2021 Oliver Fischer UnivPM, DiSES The role of migrant care workers in the provision of home-based care for older adults
03/06/2021 Michele Andreani UnivPM, DiSES Real and financial cycles' fluctuations
10/06/2021 Filippo Belloc Università degli Studi di Siena TBA
17/06/2021 Jacopo Di Domenico UnivPM, DiSES Macroeconomic impacts of process innovation
24/06/2021 Kwabena Fio Tangato UnivPM, DiSES The mobile revolution and environmental sustainability
01/07/2021 Daniela Lena UnivPM, DiSES Sustainable Economic Growth and Efficiency
08/07/2021 Rostand Arland Yebetchou Tchounkeu UnivPM, DiSES Public spending efficiency and GDP disparities