Seminari DiSES del giovedì 2019

Data Relatore Istituzione Titolo
10/01/2019 Carlo Ciccarelli Università di Roma Tor Vergata A dynamic spatial econometric diffusion model with common factors: the rise and spread of cigarette consumption in Italy
17/01/2019 Mara Squicciarini Università Bocconi Devotion and Development: Religiosity, Education and Economic Progress in 19th-Century France
24/01/2019 Davide Luca GSSI School of Advanced Studies Hosting to skim. Organized crime and the reception of asylum seekers in Italy
31/01/2019 Roberto Dell'Anno Università degli Studi di Salerno Corruption around the world: Causes, consequences and size. An analysis by partial least square - Structural equation modelling
07/02/2019* Georgios Papadopoulos Bank of Slovenia Income inequality, consumption, credit and credit risk in a data-driven agent-based model
14/02/2019* Matteo Maria Marini Universitat Jaume I; Università degli Studi dell'Insubria 20 years of emotions and risky choices in the lab: A meta-analysis
21/02/2019* Leonardo Bargigli  Università di Firenze A model of market making with heterogeneous speculators
07/03/2019* Alberto Cardaci Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milano Perceived wealth and borrowing attitudes: The leverage bias hypothesis
14/03/2019 Gaspare Tortorici Universität Heidelberg Globalization, agricultural markets and mass migration - Italy (1881-1912)
28/03/2019 Emanuele Bracco Università di Verona Social capital, electoral behaviour and government’s performance
04/04/2019 Marco Modica GSSI School of Advanced Studies School infrastructure spending and educational outcomes in Northern Italy
11/04/2019 Giorgia Barboni University of Warwick The Anatomy of Cultural Proximity in Credit Markets
14/05/2019 Etleva Muça Agriculture University of Tirana Definition and the principles of the sustainable development
16/05/2019 Valeria Maggian Università Ca'Foscari Fraud Deterrence Institutions Decrease Intrinsic Honesty
23/05/2019 Matteo Picchio Università Politecnica delle Marche Timed to say goodbye: Does unemployment benefit eligibility affect workers' layoffs?
30/05/2019 Alessandro Belmonte IMT Lucca The legacy of forced assimilation policies: Entry barriers in the labor market and anti-German sentiments in South Tyrol
06/06/2019 Antonio Ciccone Mannheim University Some long-run economic consequences of keeping out refugees: Evidence from a spatial discontinuity in the distribution of refugees after WW2
27/06/2019 Giulia Listorti Joint Research Centre, Ispra Promoting evidence-based policymaking: the activities of the Competence Centre on Modelling of the European Commission
26/09/2019 Federico Favaretto Boston College UIP puzzle with permanent technology shocks and bonds
03/10/2019 Anna D'Ambrosio Politecnico di Torino The pro-export effect of sub-national migration networks: New evidence from Spanish provinces
10/10/2019 Riccardo Bellofiore Università degli Studi di Bergamo Why exiting the euro is the answer to the wrong question. Macrofinance, production, and the crisis.
17/10/2019 Daniele Gianmarco Università Bocconi TBA
14/11/2019 Jacopo Canello University of Groningen TBA
05/12/2019 Antonio Palestrini Università Politecnica delle Marche Heterogeneous Adaptive Schemes, Group Rationality and the Lucas Critique

*Organizzato congiuntamente con il Dipartimento di Management.