Seminari DiSES del giovedì, A.A. 2021-2022

Data   Relatore Affiliazione Titolo
02/12/2021 Jack Lucchetti & Gabriele Morettini UnivPM, DiSES Depopulation in the Apennines in the 20th century: an empirical investigation
16/12/2021 Chiara Casoli Fondazione ENI The effect of climate change on economic growth: A Structural Global Vector Autoregressive Approach
10/02/2022 Massimo Tamberi UnivPM, DiSES Toward a world of Methuselah?
02/03/2022 Marco Pangallo Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna di Pisa  Modeling the distributional epidemic-economic effects of the covid-19 pandemic
17/03/2022 Francesco Principe Università di Padova Too Much Too Young: Relative Age and Adolescent Risky Behaviours
23/03/2022 Jacob Stegenga University of Cambridge Simulation of Data to Test Speculative Hypotheses About Science
31/03/2022 Tomohiro Hirano Royal Holloway, University of London Land Speculation and Wobbly Dynamics with Endogenous Phase Transitions
12/05/2022 Michele Alessandrini & Elena Iacobucci t33 New trade and economic relations between EU-UK: the impact on regions and cities
09/06/2022 José Luis García Lapresta Universidad de Valladolid Non uniform qualitative scales: An ordinal approach
16/06/2022 Irene Simonetti Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Labour outcomes adjustments to health shocks over the long run: evidence from Italian administrative records
07/07/2022 Enrico Alessandri Università Bocconi Identifying technological trajectories in the mining sector using patent citation networks